How can I help my children learn to read?

  • Let them see you reading.

  • Share books together.
  • Point out the print that's all around, like street signs,    labels, posters.
  • Make scrapbooks from photos or magazines.
  • Cook together.

Steps to reading........

  • Choose a book from the library or from your home.

  • Take turns reading aloud, or tell the story by looking at the pictures.

  • Talk about what's happening in the story.
  • Help your child with difficult words.
  • Encourage your child.

When answering comprehension questions after reading:GO APE!

A  -  Answer the question.

         Reword question into a statement.

P Give proof of your answer.

         Connect to the text.  Give more information than "on page ____" and "the author said so".

        "I know that because....."

E  -  Explain, expand, wonder. Connect to self, to the world. Reflect.

        "I think...."

        "I remember a time when..."

        "I wonder what/why..."